When to Apply for SORN?
Do you need to apply for SORN? Please see the reasons below to where you need to apply SORN to your vehicle.
When to Apply for SORN?

Is your vehicle taxed?
If your vehicle is not taxed and you have no intention in taxing the vehicle then you must apply for SORN, apply here using your 16-digit number on your vehicle tax reminder letter, your vehicle will be SORN on the 1st of the next month. APPLY HERE

Do you have Insurance on your vehicle?
If you have no insurance or are experiencing delays around your insurance renewal then you must declare your car SORN , you can always lift SORN on a vehicle once it is road worth again i.e. Taxed and Insured. APPLY HERE

Have you decided to scrap your vehicle?
If you are scrapping your vehicle then you must declare SORN. APPLY HERE

Do you have a new vehicle that you want to keep off road?
Then you need to make SORN on this vehicle until you start using it. APPLY HERE

Has your car failed its MOT and needs significant repairs?
Then you need to declare SORN even if you intend to carry out the work yourself you must declare it as SORN. APPLY HERE

Please Note if you have received a tax reminder letter (V11) but have sold your vehicle then there is no need for you to make SORN if you have informed DVLA that you have sold it – you can inform the DVLA you have sold the vehicle here.

It Is imperative that your vehicle is insured and taxed tax your vehicle if you don’t have a SORN.

You will be fined if you have no tax or have an uninsured vehicle

When Does My SORN Start?

The start date of your SORN is purely dependant on how you apply for your SORN, All applications are the same however the start date for your SORN is dependent on whether you apply via your vehicle log book (V5) or Via your 16 Digit Tax reminder Letter (V11) on our online form.

Applications made via the V5C or Log book will immediately SORN the vehicle.

Applications made via the 16 digit Tax Reminder Letter or V11 will SORN the vehicle on the first day of the next month e.g. an application made on the 20th of April will start the SORN on the 1st May etc.

Do I Get a Refund of My Remaining Tax?

If you have any remaining tax once the SORN has been applied for this will be refunded to you. PLEASE NOTE: You can’t use the vehicle on the road until you taxed it again and insured it and at this point the SORN will automatically expire once you have used your V5C to apply for Tax.

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